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Riding Lessons
(Full schedule of classes can be
found on our Calendar page.)

1. Private Lessons are $35.00/hour, Group Lessons are $35.00 for 1½ hours. Lessons are weekly and will be billed in advance by the month according to the number of lessons per month. Example: A month with 4 Thursdays will be billed as $140.00, whereas a month with 5 Thursdays will be billed as $175.00. Payment is due in full before the 7th of the month to reserve your lesson spot.

2. For Students taking 2 or more lessons a week, lessons are billed at $30.00 each to be paid in advance by the month.

3. Please DO NOT self-adjust your invoices. For students that will be absent from the program for 2 or more consecutive weeks; lesson spots will not be held unless paid for in full in advance, though make-up lessons can be arranged upon return. Due to wait list for high demand spots, lesson spots will not be guaranteed unless paid for in full in advance.

Cancellation Policy:
1. Lessons MUST be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to qualify for a make-up lesson. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice or no calls/no shows will be charged full price for the missed lesson. Students that miss 2 lessons in a row without notice or excuse may lose their weekly spot should trainer have a waitlist for vacancies.
2. For students needing to cancel or reschedule their lesson, a make-up lesson will be given to be used within the same billing month as the missed lesson/class with the exception of lessons missed in the last week of the month in which make-up lessons must be used within the next billing month.

3. Lessons will be held rain or shine unless cancelled by trainer. In the event of arena being too muddy to ride in or extreme weather (wind, rain, etc.), an unmounted horsemanship, horse care or theory lesson will be taught in one of the covered areas instead. If trainer cancels lessons for any reason, including severe weather, students will be given a make-up lesson to be used within the same parameters outlined above.

Private Lessons:
Private Riding Lessons are available for ages 5 and up for both English and Western. Private lessons run for an hour.

Group Lessons:  
Group Lessons are available for ages 8 and up. All incoming students are required to take 1 private lesson as an evaluation lesson before joining a group class. Group classes run for an hour and a half.

Haul-In Lessons:
Private haul-in lessons are available for students to learn new skills or work through problems on their own horses. We have ample trailer parking and a pull through driveway.

We offer General Horsemanship Lessons as well as Coaching for the All Around Disciplines, including Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Trail, Horsemanship, Hunter Under Saddle and Hunt Seat Equitation.

Riding Attire:
Students agree to come dressed to ride in proper riding attire consisting of:

1. Long pants: Jeans, breeches or riding tights.

2. Riding boots: Boots with a smooth sole and defined heel not more than 1½ inches high. (Under no circumstances will students wearing sneakers or sandals be allowed to participate in ANY Equine Activities.)

3. Fitted/Semi Fitted Shirt: Students will not be permitted to ride in loose or billowing clothes or dangling jewelry as it can pose a safety risk should loose items get caught/snagged on saddle or horse.

4. Appropriate accoutrements for the weather/season (gloves, ear warmers, cooling towel, etc.).

5. Riding Helmet: An ATSM approved riding Helmet must be worn at all times while participating in mounted Equine Activities. Students agree to furnish their own ASTM approved riding helmet within their first 4 riding lessons with It’s A Cinch Horsemanship, LLC. Stable owned helmets are available for student use for no more than the first 4 lessons. NOTE: Failure to arrive at lessons in proper riding attire including ATSM riding helmet will result in student not being permitted to ride or participate in that day’s Equine Activities, forfeiting lesson and lesson fee – No Exceptions.